Looking for a thrilling off-road adventure without the hassle of learning how to ride a horse or wrangle with a motorbike? Experience The Cardrona has the perfect solution – the Yamaha Viking 6-seater 4×4 Off-Road buggy. Let the scenic beauty of Cardrona valley unfold before your eyes as you enjoy being driven by one of the friendly guides.

For those seeking a different off-road experience, the Cardrona fleet now includes Polaris Ranger 3-seater side-by-side buggies. Available for both passengers and self-drive enthusiasts (subject to terms and conditions), these buggies offer a unique way to explore the stunning landscapes.

Families with little ones need not worry, as the 3 or 6-seater 4×4 buggies are the perfect choice. Kids under six can join in the fun as passengers, allowing everyone to revel in the breathtaking mountain views. Self-drive options are also available, but be sure to bring a valid driver’s license and credit card details for verification.

The Cardrona Experience offers a diverse range of packages to cater to various preferences. The Mountain Experience, priced at $698 for two persons with an additional $50 per passenger, promises an ultimate alpine adventure. This guided off-road journey takes you from the bottom to the top of the mountain, even into the snow during winter.

For a more family-friendly outing, The River Run Farm Tour at $498 for two persons (with a $50 additional charge per passenger) offers a scenic river experience in the valley floor. Tailored for families with young children or those new to off-road driving, this tour includes farm animals, family photo opportunities, and a creek crossing. Safety remains a priority, with kids’ quad bikes available, as well as passenger or self-drive buggies.

The Cardrona Experience ensures a safe and fun-filled family excursion, creating lasting memories amidst the spectacular Cardrona valley. Contact Kel to arrange your buggy ride and embark on an off-road journey like never before.

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